Use these 5 stretches to help increase your height

Wishing you were a little bit taller and could increase your height by an inch or two?

People often ask me how they can get taller so I thought I would make this video!

A slouched posture decreases your height

Technically, it’s not possible for your spine to get any longer BUT you can improve your posture which will help you to stand taller and gain back those inches that you have lost by standing with poor posture.

For example, if you slouch your shoulders and head forward, you could grow inches just by correcting your posture.

Improve your posture with pilates to increase your height

So, I have made this video with 5 ways that you can improve your posture! Practice these regularly and your posture will start to improve and you will be beaming with confidence!

Watch it here

Alex Richardson

Owner/Founder Duo Pilates

Alex is a Registered Nurse and qualified Pilates Instructor who has combined her love for pilates and experiences as a nurse, to form a passion for educating and inspiring people to use movement as a preventative to many health problems.

Instagram:  @duopilatesau



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