Wellness trends to add to your routine in 2021

Give these wellness trends a go to kick off your new year

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is to take care of our mind, body, and finances, and especially to safe proof them in case of any unforeseen circumstances!


Check out these trends and start planning your new year’s resolutions!

Breath work


Bondi Rescue star Dean Gladstone has launched a new program called the Power of Breath which Shannan Ponton did prior to him going onto the SAS Australia show. Shannan credits his work with Dean for helping him through the many challenges he was faced with on the show.


Wim Hoff, Laird Hamilton, Tim Ferris all swear by the power of breath work which in turn helps them achieve extraordinary things. It is also something that Dean, who is a former national gold medallist in swimming and surf lifesaving and who saves lives for a living swears by too and due to his belief in it, he has put together a course to help others learn how optimal breathing habits can enhance all aspects of their lives too.


The course aims to improve your optimal breathing habits and also show you how to use breathing techniques to enhance all aspects of your life, helping with performance, sleep and also some illnesses such as respiratory, allergies and more.




Meditation is a practice that some of the world’s greatest leaders and stars swear by, from Barack Obama, to Michael Jordan, Lizzo, Tim Ferris, and the late Steve Jobs and Kobe Bryant.


While there are a lot of apps available, meditation and mindfulness master Luke Mcleod wanted to bring an extra presentness for those who want to practice from home.


Soul Alive is a live-stream service and there are classes delivered live from instructors several times per week, and then they are saved for those who can’t make it on time.


2020 has made all of us feel disconnected from others, bringing members together at one point in time to do something good for themselves is a great way to get the most out of a session and feel connected.




Write down what you are grateful for, store it, and read it back at the start of each month. The more grateful you are, the more present you become, the more joy you bring into your life


Gratitude Glass Jars are about capturing the spirit of living, celebrating life events, capturing memories, and expressing words of love. Life is short, words go unsaid and values are not lived. They must be captured, remembered, and shared


They were created by Aussie Claire Summers and discovered by Oprah 9 weeks after they launched and have since been featured as  ‘Oprah’s Favorite Thing’s in 2017’ and ‘Oprah’s Favorite Thing’s Hall of Fame’ in 2019’s’ O Magazine.


Mindful fitness


Ben Lucas, the Director of Flow Athletic is a celebrity trainer who works with the likes of Sammy Robinson and Erin Holland. 


Ben has recently launched a beautiful On Demand service for those who don’t live near the studio and/ or want to keep training online. He has also collaborated with model, fashion designer, and insta star Sammy Robinson on a 30 days challenge- Sammy Active. 


Fitness does not need to be about smashing yourself. It should also be nourishing for your mind and body. The Flow Athletic philosophy is for every cardio you should balance it with a strength and stretch workout and that is how they encourage people to program their workouts so they can feel their best rather than always be sore and tired.

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