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How Did MuscleBox Start?

The cat t shirt that inspired it all.
The cat t-shirt that inspired it all.

The MuscleBox idea began in 2014 when a couple of Redditors from the USA and Australia started chatting about the need for a good subscription box aimed at fitness and bodybuilding. One of the original founders was showing off his awesome new cat shirt he got in another subscription box called Lootcrate. After getting over his shirt’s awesomeness, he decided to buzz a friend on Reddit to complain that he couldn’t find a subscription box for bodybuilding that wasn’t just full of boring supplement samplers.

Lo and behold, the MuscleBox was born. Not just some basic sampler box, but a motivational subscription box that encompasses everything from apparel to equipment to supplements.

In case you’re think they’re just a couple of immature cat-shirt-wearing morons, the 2 founders of MuscleBox also own the reputable brand Muscle Nation and some of the best Facebook and Instagram bodybuilding social profiles in the world.