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Hey! Mike here, owner of MuscleBox. Thanks for checking us out. 

We created the world’s first fitness subscription box in 2016, and have gone on to send millions of boxes out to men and women all over the world.

Our mission is to inspire and motivate you to get fit and stay fit with the best fitness products delivered to your door, at a fraction of the retail price! 

But there’s much more to that. Let me give you some further insights into what we do and why we do it…


Quite simply, because no matter how easy fitness infIuencers make it look… I personally know how hard it is to reach your fitness and health goals no matter what stage of the ladder you are at.

After my time in the military, I was forced to overcome a physical disability, I had to work hard to regain my fitness. Along the way, I noticed the ups and downs of the fitness industry…


1. Inconsistency and Lack of Sustainable Motivation

Many individuals start their fitness journey with enthusiasm, but over time, their motivation wanes. They struggle to maintain consistency in their workouts and nutrition. This inconsistency can stem from a lack of clear guidance, insufficient variety in workouts and nutrition, or simply not having the right tools and support to stay on track. As a result, they may feel stuck in a cycle of starting and stopping, never truly achieving or maintaining their desired fitness goals.

2. Information Overload and Analysis Paralysis

The fitness and nutrition industries are saturated with information. From countless diets to myriad workout regimens, the sheer volume of available options can be overwhelming. This overload can cause individuals to second-guess their choices, constantly switch tactics, or even postpone starting their journey, fearing they might not be choosing the “right” method.

3. Unrealistic Expectations and Impatience

Driven by social media influencers and photoshopped images, many individuals enter the fitness journey expecting rapid, dramatic results. When transformations don’t happen overnight, or they don’t immediately mirror the “ideal” bodies they see online, they can become discouraged and demotivated. This can lead them to seek quick fixes, which often results in yo-yo dieting and inconsistent workout regimens, further hindering their progress.

4. Lack of Accountability and Support

Many people start their fitness journeys alone and without a concrete support system. Without someone to keep them accountable, guide them through challenges, or simply motivate them during low periods, it’s easy to lose sight of goals. This is especially true when they face inevitable setbacks or plateaus in their progress

5. Low Quality Fitness Products

Researching the industry, it became clear that products were not all the same in both quality and ingredient efficacy. It took an enormous effort to dive into production methods and ingredient lists to determine if what was the same listed ingredients in fact were very different products. I expanded my efforts to workout gear and clothing items and found the same. Products are often either cheap and sacrifice active ingredients or luxury and cost more than they should.

Can You Relate?

For me, these challenges took a toll on my physical, mental and emotional health! It can be a stressful, overwhelming journey for many of you too, especially at the start. I needed something to keep me motivated and inspired, and where I could work out smarter so I could be ‘consistent’ in achieving my fitness goals.​


Drawing upon my life in the military and taking the key elements that make our nation a force…I built the following elements to my fitness journey to help me consistently overcome the above challenges to reach my fitness goals. I incorporated the elements required to thrive in any situation…


Friends and a community to support me on my journer


Clear guidance and a plan on how I was going to get fit


The workouts & supplements to maximize my results


Premium clothing and equipment to feel good

This is why MuscleBox was born!

From my experience and the common challenges to everyone of us, I wanted to build a curation and filtering mechanism to help myself & others get through this process easier. we simply need choose personal preferences among already great products.

Workouts to teach me to how to work out smarter. Equipment for help with building muscle and getting lean. Snacks and shakers to make it easy for me to get my protein intake. Clothing to keep me looking and feeling good. 

And then, I wanted to pack these things into a box and have them delivered every month, just showing up on my doorstep hassle-free to get me to the gym or to workout at home…. consistently, and with results…  and at a fraction of the price of retail prices.


In 2016,  we put it to the test to see if it was something other people needed… we’ve since sent millions of boxes to date to men and women getting fit across the world.

From avid gym goers, bodybuilders, to yoga & fitness enthusiasts, cross-fit fanatics, to stay-at-home moms and beginners just wanting to be a better version of themselves… 

Why It's MORE THAN Just A BOX:

Our mission is to help you achieve and maintain your desired physique and optimal health for total life transformation with balanced well-being:

Most customers aspire to transform their bodies into a version they are proud of, whether that means losing excess weight, building muscle, toning up, or achieving a specific fitness milestone.

But… beyond the physical appearance, they also desire optimal health, which translates to increased energy, better mobility, enhanced mood, and a reduced risk of health issues. They want a sustainable, healthy lifestyle where they feel empowered, confident, and in control of their own bodies.

This is why MuscleBox goes beyond just physical appearance. It encompasses a life where you are not only in your ideal physical shape but also mentally thriving. A life where you exude confidence and positivity and are full of energy. A life where you engage in activities you once shied away from, to wearing clothes you’ve always wanted to wear, participating in adventurous trips and events, and leading a life unhindered by fitness or health concerns.

This state of being seeps into your personal life to improve your relationships and your performance at work. You become a role model for friends and family by inspiring others with your journey. Your relationship with fitness isn’t a chore or far away goal… it’s an enjoyable part of your daily routine that leads to a holistic, vibrant, and fulfilling life.


If you haven’t noticed by now, MuscleBox isn’t just about ‘Muscle’… From fitness beginners to fitness enthusiasts and fitness pros to holistic health seekers… for men and for women… our boxes are for anyone wanting to attain the following results

Achieving Desired Physique

Whether it’s a toned body, bulked-up muscles, or simply a fit appearance, this is usually the ultimate desired transformation that we help you with, while also giving you…

Consistent Motivation & Commitment

Staying motivated to work out regularly and eat healthily.

Knowledge & Expertise

Giving you knowledge about workouts, nutrition, and the science behind them, ensuring sustainable practices for sustainable results.

Improved Health Metrics

Lowering cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar… without the overwhelm

Increased Energy and vitality

Feeling more energetic throughout the day, better sleep, and overall enhanced well-being.

Positive Mental Well-being

Reduce stress, anxiety, and depressive symptoms as a result of consistent fitness practices.

Social Benefits

Being part of a community, making friends, attending fitness events, and having an active social life around health.

Skill Mastery

Achieving proficiency in specific exercises, techniques, or disciplines like yoga, pilates, or weightlifting.

Long-term Health Security

A reduced risk of chronic diseases in the future, leading to longevity.

Financial Savings

By being healthy and fit, potentially saving on future medical bills, and the costs associated with poor health.


How we Help 100,000 People Get Fit…

1. Getting started

Providing the resources an individual needs to make the first step toward their fitness goals.

2. Product discovery

Providing MuscleBox subscribers with a curated, comprehensive and evolving solution to picking the right products that align with your goals.

3. Consistency

Providing MuscleBox subscribers with a regular supply of everything from apparel, to nutrition, equipment and educational resources necessary for maintaining the consistency that’s fundamental to achieving and maintaining health & fitness.

4. We work with the best brands

We work with the best fitness brands in the world to bring you the best products every month. Brands we work with include: Bmfit, Musclepharm, 1up Nutrition, Quest and MuscleNation.

5. $75-$100 Value Per Box… for $32

Our boxes are all worth $75-$100+ but we send them to you for just $32. And you get 50% off your first box to give you huge savings!

6. Packed Boxes!

We send you 7–10 treats, shirts, supplements, shakers, protein goodies… PLUS specially curated workouts for more gains! Every single month.



As you can see after reading this far, we make this crazy simple for you, and this is why our customers love receiving the box each month. They love the surprises. They love the value of premium products. They love that we keep them motivated and feeling good to stay on track and help them consistently achieve their fitness goals.

And with over 1 million boxes delivered… I’m proud to say “it works!”

So, if you’d like to join us, and be a part of our ever growing movement, I invite you to check out our boxes to learn more and sign up today!

Thanks for reading.

MuscleBox Owner & Founder

Ready to transform? Get The Box Today.

Ready to transform?
Get The Box Today!