The Latest Tech Innovations for Health and Wellness

See what the latest tech innovations can do for your health

Over the past few years, Fitness tech has been one of the most exciting spaces in the wellness industry. From bigger products such as Peleton and Mirror, to smaller buy in’s such as FitBit, there is so much available on the market now to ensure that you get results in a convenient way.
Here are a few of the latest innovations that we are loving right now.

Vitruvian FORM, V-Form Trainer

The ultimate sophisticated fitness device that was developed in Australia.

The Vitruvian Form was created by Jon Gregory who is a high frequency trader, physicist and father of three. As an expert who writes algorithms for financial markets, in his downtime Jon would train weights. While doing so, he developed an algorithm on weight training which has led to the creation of the ultimate smart device that is a serious game changer to those who enjoy resistance training. 

Their ambassador Amanda Bisk says “The V-Form Trainer enables you to train all major and minor muscle groups in the comfort of your own home. There is no need to buy all different equipment, screw squat racks into your wall or think about where to store everything.”

It is a slim-form carbon-fibre platform that can generate up to 200kg (450lb) resistance. Intelligent technology reads your strength capacity and tendencies, and adjusts accordingly.

It is programmed with sophisticated algorithms by a team of industry leaders in sport science, physics and athletic training, the device interprets how you like to train, so it will constantly push you towards a harder, stronger and healthier workout.

Vitruvian means “the perfect form”

MiHIGH Infrared Sauna Blanket

Another Aussie Company, MiHIGH have recently released Infrared Sauna Blankets so that you can now get the benefits of Infrared saunas safely from the comfort of your own home. 

The heat generated by infrared saunas stimulates your body at a cellular level which increases the production of white blood cells. These cells act as your immune system’s first line of defense when an infection strikes


Detoxify faster: Infrared heat is 7x more detoxifying than regular heat. That means instead of just sweating out water, you’re also sweating out toxins that normal saunas don’t have the power to do.

Calmness: Infrared heat allows your body to produce an abundance of calming chemicals. You’ll step out of your blanket feeling happier, less stressed, and you’ll enjoy deep sleep.

Burn Calories: A 30-minute jog burns around 300 calories. A 30-minute session in your MiHIGH Infrared Blanket will burn up to 600 calories. Oh, and you can burn these calories without leaving your own bed.

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