5 Steps to getting your Nutrition on Track

Want to get your daily nutrition on track?

If you’re looking to improve your health and want to stick to your health goals it is important to consider what you’re eating and ensure your daily nutrition is on the right track.

There is no better time than now to take a look at your current diet and kick start your healthy eating habits, but how, you may be thinking… Well, let me help you! 

Here are my 5 steps to getting your nutrition on track: 

  1. Understand how to create a healthy, balanced meal 

First things first, it is truly impossible to make healthy food choices and get your nutrition on track if you don’t know how. Aim to follow a simple plate structure when you are creating your main meals to help make sure you are getting everything you need on one plate, each and every meal. 

Start by filling 1/2 your plate with crunchy salad vegetables, then 1/4 of your plate with a quality protein and the final 1/4 of your plate with complex carbohydrates. Add 1-2 tablespoons of healthy fats and you have got a balanced meal. This will help ensure you’re consuming a balance of macro and micronutrients to support your overall health and nutrient intake. It also helps with portion sizes and assists with the need to overeat. 

  1. Eat the rainbow 

Do you want to get the most nutrition out of the foods you eat? Then make sure you eat the rainbow. Fill your plate up with colourful vegetables and eat a variety daily so your body gets all the essential nutrients it needs. Fresh fruits and vegetables are packed full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytochemicals and contribute to your fibre intake throughout the day. 

The Australian Government advises adults to consume 5 servings of vegetables and 2 servings of fruit daily. This may sound like a lot for some but if you create healthy, balanced meals (as above) it’s easy. You can also take advantage of frozen vegetables when your cooking as they are snap frozen when harvested and are very nutritious. 

  1. Plan your meals, make a list and prep for your week 

If you want to get your nutrition on track it is so important to plan out your weekly meals and snacks. A clear plan for the week will help you stick to a healthy eating regime, save time and quickly get your nutrition back on track. 

Make a list and choose the meals/snacks you wish to eat throughout the week and create a clear and concise shopping list based on your plan. Fill your trolley with nutritious foods and steer clear of highly processed foods and unhealthy snacks. Prepare what you can for the upcoming week e.g. a versatile meal to stretch over a couple of days, portion your snacks and prep breakfasts and lunches where you can. If you are prepared with the right foods there are no excuses to opt for nutritionally-void options. 

  1. Drink water 

Staying hydrated goes hand in hand with getting your nutrition on track. When we are dehydrated our bodies do not function at their best as water plays a role in almost every process in the body. 

Aim to consume water throughout the day and replace sugary juices and sodas with water. If you struggle to drink water throughout the day, try and have a large glass of water upon waking, carry a reusable water bottle with you, set reminders or alarms on your phone, and include herbal teas throughout the day. 

  1. Enjoy what you eat and ditch restrictions 

It is important to find foods and meals that you love and enjoy when getting your nutrition on track. If you don’t like what you are eating, your body is not going to use it efficiently and you’re likely not going to stick to healthy eating in the long term. 

Try not to think that getting your nutrition on track means you need to go on a diet or heavily restrict yourself. This will likely cause cravings and revert you back to unhealthy eating habits. It’s simple, get on track, eat with balance and focus on the positives when it comes to your nutrition and reaching your health goals will be simple, enjoyable and easy! 


Holistic Nutritionist

Alex Joy is a holistic nutritionist who helps busy women overcome stress, un-diet to eat with balance and create healthy habits to regain control over their health. Alex Joy provides the essentials to help individuals nourish their wellbeing to glow, feel energised, happy, healthy and confident. 

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