The Top Yoga Postures to Practice if you are Feeling Anxious

Try these out to help with your anxiety

Now more than ever we have abundant resources and support to connect us to the wisdom and potency of yoga to help reduce overwhelm and anxiety. 

Use these postures as a gateway into feeling more easeful in the present moment helping you to find clarity during those turbulent times. 

Allow these words and guidance to act as a remedy anytime you are beginning to feel anxious and in those times – we begin to focus firstly the breath, locating where the breath resides in the body and from here adopt a rhythmic pace of breath and tend to its natural orientation.

Amongst the fast paced activity we do in our external living, amongst the changes and adapting we are doing right now, this is space for you that you get to participate in the ritual of arriving on your mat to the space inside of you that is still, that is unchanging, the part of you that knows its centre. 

Drip feed our consciousness into the body and disperse it into movement with these postures to down regulate the nervous system and create your own YIN or Slow Flow practice before bed.

Childs Pose – a sense of coming home to your body

Knees wide to the edges of your mat 

Arms forward and pelvis heavy 

Just as much as you lengthen the spine sense a possibility of expanding laterally.


Cat & Cow – Flush the cerebral fluids of the spine to refresh 

Move as if to integrate, bend to express and notice all parts of the body becoming online. 

Inhale surrender abdomen tail lifts and wrap outer biceps back

Exhale Dome the upper back and push the floor away   

Optional: make this into a circular rotation of the hips

Melting heart pose – The heart offers energetic priority 

From all hours walk knees back and slightly wider sending arms forward

Hips lift upward as chest moves down and forward. 

Chin or forehead to the floor

Chest, Shoulders

Reclined Butterfly – Start to gather yourself towards the pulse of breath 


Lie down on your back and join the soles of your feet together creating a diamond shape with your legs.

Hands rest on your lower belly – observe the belly rising and falling

Supine Twists – Energise and Harmonise the body vessel 


Start with both knees in the chest rocking from side to side

Let go of the left leg and twist right knee over to touchdown or hover and extend right arm out to the side – optional: gaze to follow.

Repeat on the left side.

Eliza Hayward

Founder of Divine Flow Yoga

Eliza Hayward is a yoga instructor. She founded the gorgeous Divine Flow Yoga with her husband Andrew.

Web: Divine Flow Yoga

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