Is Neuroplasticity The Key To Making Changes?

There is a common saying ‘You can't teach an old dog new tricks!’ Neuroplasticity debunks this myth

There is a common saying ‘You can’t teach an old dog new tricks!’ 

Neuroplasticity debunks this myth and is taking what traditionally we thought now untrue and turning it 360 degrees!

Neuroscientists have studied the brain during the alpha/theta state or more commonly known as the hypnotic state.  It’s a stage between being half asleep and half awake.  Some people call it the day dream state which we naturally experience when we notice we don’t remember how we got from A to B or deep in thought.  We also experience this window of time around 20 minutes before we go to sleep.

Phobia’s and Anxiety

While in this space of time, the brain scientists discovered a man who was scared of dogs, if exposed to loving thoughts such as positive memories while hearing a dog bark, as well as inducing other happy thoughts and feelings, the man’s fear of dogs extinguished.

Since this study and there have been thousands of them, are all coming to the same conclusion… That the brain is durable and open to changes in behaviours that we assumed we had for life!

To put it simply, Neuroplasticity refers to the brain’s ability to adapt to change or to implement new routines, which many trained hypnotherapists are utilising with great success.

Even better, it gives many men and women hope that their once rigid opinions such as ‘I can’t train for a marathon’ or ‘I just can’t lose weight’ are completely unfounded.  It’s simply a ’thinking’ habit that can be extinguished and replaced with healthier ways of feeling and living.

Repetition Is Important

Through repetition and focus during the alpha/theta state, we can intentionally change the pathways in our brain. We can use this ability to stop an old habit or start a new one, thereby changing our life experience.

You can apply this theory when setting new goals such as going to the gym or creating a regular routine to go on that walk to kick start our health and fitness.  

Traditional behavioral psychology would typically show that creating any new habit can take between 21 and 100 days of consistent daily practice…..UNLESS you use the power of neuroplasticity during the hypnotic state. 

At the moment we are all learning new habits in our everyday life as we have to adapt to wearing face masks to avoid the spread of COVID-19. So, when we learn something new, we create new connections between our neurons. We rewire our brains to adapt to new circumstances.  This same rule applies to health and wellbeing.

Recent Discovery To Back Up Neuroplasticity

So to back up what I’m saying, there was a recent study by the Cleveland Clinic Foundation where they discovered that while in a relaxed state with your eyes closed you can build muscle strength without lifting a finger! 

In other words, doing ‘specific mental exercises’ that direct your muscles to move while in a sleepy chilled out state triggered ‘real’ muscle movement and during the 3 weeks of the trial, the results were astounding! The muscles that were exercised simply by imagination grew in strength by 35%!

What is incredible about these sorts of results is that simply by spending time in this alpha/theta state you CAN teach an old dog new tricks! 

Neuroplasticity is available to everyone!

How to train your brain with neuroplasticity tools:


Step 1: Decide on a goal that you really want to achieve such as going from running 2k a day to 3k in 7 days.  Or it could be that you want to lose 2 kilos by the end of the month. Whatever your goal is make sure it is clear what you want to achieve.


Step 2: Stay in bed an extra five minutes, and imagine yourself getting dressed in your running clothes, feeling positive, alert and excited about doing something good for you. 


Step 3: Rehearse with your eyes closed going for that run feeling fit and strong and seeing yourself at the end of the 3k point feeling proud of what you have achieved.


Step 4: Take this 5 minute moment and add some music that calms you down or motivates you – either will do the same thing. 


Step 5: Repeat this ritual daily for 7 days and see the results!

Georgia Foster has created a special program for those who want to get fit and lose weight by the power of neuroplasticity called The Pajama Diet. It’s perfect right now for those who are staying more at home more due to the current Covid 19 pandemic who want to improve their overall fitness and weight loss goals.

Georgia Foster

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Georgia Foster has been working as a Clinical Hypnotherapist since 1995. Georgia is very passionate about her work and feels very strongly that everybody has the ability and resources to improve their emotional wellbeing. They just need to learn how!

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