Want to grow as a person? Here’s some tips that might help

5 things to add into your routine that may help you grow

2020 has certainly been a year that has forced a lot of change into many people’s lives, but it is also an opportunity to learn and grow. It is rare that people grow from being comfortable. You need to research, learn, or experience new situations in order to grow.

Here are a few things to add to your routine that may help.

Learn to appreciate the negative things that happen to you

I am a big fan of journaling, and while sometimes I am just writing my to-do list, other times I am writing out my thoughts and feelings to situations.

Many people are in the habit of just getting mad when something does not go their way, which is a natural attitude to have. But it is often these experiences that help us grow. Look at so many of the most famous and respected entrepreneurs. Steve Jobs had setbacks, so has Richard Branson. Has it stopped them? No. In fact, they often talk about how their failures were also the opportunities where they grew/learned the most.

So no matter how big or small, being able to look at negative experiences with an almost eager sense of ‘what can I learn from this’ will serve you very well.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself about negative experiences/memories you might be holding onto.

Just begin to write freely down whatever comes to mind. 

  • Why did this situation happen?
  • Why do I feel this way about it?
  • What can I do to avoid it next time?
  • What have I learned?

Listen to podcasts or read non-fiction books 

Yes, this is a common answer, but it is so true. One of the best ways to grow is to learn from other people’s mistakes, or just learn something new and interesting that may inspire you to do something differently. Personally I am a big fan of Tim Ferris as he covers everything from business to training, emotions, reading, and gets the best guests. If I like the guests, I buy their book to learn more.

My recommendation would be to get a biography or non-fiction book that has an interesting topic and read 10-15 mins a day as a minimum Or if you’re not a reader you can listen to a podcast.

Be more mindful about noticing your surroundings

When I am stressed or feeling a lull in my productivity I go for a walk and try to notice 5 new things I haven’t noticed before on a similar walk. It can be anything, but I really enjoy this exercise, because like with meditation it brings your focus back to the present moment and who knows you may discover something new.

Try it next time you feel stressed or less productive, it is a great tool.



If it is good enough for Steve Jobs, Muhammad Ali, Hugh Jackman, and Michael Jordan, odds are it is great for you too. Meditation is a great practice for not only boosting energy, focus, reducing anxiety but also for bringing you into the present. 

A helpful hint for those starting out with meditation is to find a style you like and try to stick with it. Progression with meditation happens with the depth of the session, not in the variety you try (like physical exercise for example). Soul Alive for example tends to follow a consistent flow of breath work and body scanning to allow you to go deeper with your practice.  If you are keen on giving Meditation a try, some information on a 5 week mindfulness challenge is below for you.

After the success of the first one. Soul Alive is bringing back the 5-Week Mindfulness Challenge. Where the goal is to complete 5 meditation sessions each week for 5 weeks. There’s no better time to invest in your mental wellbeing then right now and this Challenge is the perfect opportunity to do just that. Starting on the 7th of September, here’s what you can expect:

  • 5 x live guided meditation classes every week for 5 weeks
  • A new mindful topic to master each week
  • Soul Circle catch-ups with other 5-Alive members
  • A progress tracker to keep you on track

Try new ways of doing things

Most of us are stuck in our ways so now and then it may not be a bad idea to try doing something differently. The reason being, it is hard for you to grow, innovate, or learn new things if nothing is ever different.

Try a new way of exercising, a new way of doing things at work (start small, you don’t want to make a mess) or a new way of doing things in your day to day life.

Humans tend to be creatures of habit, but sometimes it is good to shake things up.

Luke McLeod

Founder of Soul Alive

Luke is the founder of Soul Alive, Australia’s first live-streamed meditation service that aims to help introduce meditation in a convenient and relatable manner. 

The service currently offers live guided classes throughout the week. The structure is designed to make it easier for people to stick-with meditation all from the comfort of your own home.

For the past 10 years Luke has immersed himself in the study and practice of meditation and mindfulness, including spending several months in India to study.

Web: Soul Alive

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