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We Speak to Marika Day About All Things Health & Wellness

Hi Marika, So you are a Gut Health and IBS Accredited Practicing Dietitian, Nutritionist & personal trainer – working with brands such as Keep it Cleaner and Jaggad, while also producing quality evidence based articles on your website The first thing I want to know is, how do you do it all? Is balance a thing?

Ahh yes it’s something I’m working on. It’s honestly really hard when you love what you do to separate work and life. This year I have become much more mindful of downtime and recognising the importance of switching off. But how do I do it? I love it, there’s nothing else I’d rather be doing.


I find these days we are bombarded with many mixed messages and opinions on social media regarding nutrition & health – as consumers how can we make sure we are getting the right information?

This is something I am super passionate about because I believe that the consumer needs to take some responsibility for this too. Unfortunately we don’t have laws or anything that stop people from misleading people on social media so what I strongly encourage people do is to seriously look at what information they are getting and from whom. What makes them an authority on that particular topic? Next I ask people to question. Is this true? How might it be true? What other things could be influencing this? And finally and most importantly is it helpful to me?


Who are 3 people we should follow on social media for positive, informative & practical nutrition/ health tips (other than yourself @marikaday)?

Argh this is such a hard question because everyone has their own little niche. Lindi Cohen is doing great things in the space of body positivity and eating well,  I work with Steph and Laura from Keep it Cleaner and I think they are doing amazing things for young women and my friend Bec from Nourish Naturally is amazing for just general health and nutrition tips.


You are an extremely knowledgeable person and provide evidence based informative articles, where can we look (other that your website) for more evidence based information regarding nutrition & health?

Some of my favourite people for evidence based nutrition are Danny Lennon from Sigma Nutrition, Alan Flanagan who has a website coming out soon and Martin MacDonald runs an online nutrition course which is an evidence based course unlike many other online courses. For me, I go straight to the source and look at the research papers though. I want to formulate my own opinions on papers rather than just hearing others opinions.


What’s the current trending fad/s you believe are more detrimental than helpful towards consumers health?

Honestly I think the keto diet has to be up there at the moment. It’s just completely not necessary, can mean lower intake of fibre which can have negative health effects and often leads to increased saturated fat intake. Plus it’s not healthy from a social standpoint. Health includes not just physical health but mental and social health too.


What are your top 5 nutrition tips?

1. Question everything you read
2. Eat more veggies
3. Eat a good variety of different foods
4. Don’t sweat the small stuff
5. Feed your soul too


Nutritionist & Owner (Miss Bliss)

Jacqui is a qualified Nutritionist and business owner. She shares her passion for nourishing food through her cafe and catering business, Miss Bliss Wholefoods. Jacqui connects with hundreds of people a day encouraging them to live blissful and nourishing lives.

Instagram: @jacqui.toumbas

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