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3 Steps to Living a Healthier Life

Simple and Effective Steps to Becoming Healthier Try these steps to start living a healthier lifestyle today.    Plan Ahead Set aside sometime during the week to plan ahead for what your meals will look like for the next several days. Maybe this means you plan recipes and a grocery list to cook meals at [...]

10 Reasons Why Deep Breathing will Transform your Health

Why Deep Breathing will Transform your Health How is your breath? Can you tell me? Perhaps not. Yet if I asked you about your food and your drink consumption,  you would be able to give me at least a broad answer. We can survive without food for up to 3 weeks, without water for about [...]

Six Key Benefits of Regular Exercise

The Six Key Benefits to Regular Exercise What is your exercise routine like? Is it something you do religiously, or is it more of a ‘sometimes’ activity. Maybe you don’t see the value of exercise at all.  Our relationship with exercise definitely changes across our lifespan. When we are young, exercise isn’t actually called ‘exercise.’ [...]

Exercise and Mental Health

Why Exercise is Important for Your Mental Health There are so many physical benefits to exercise; heart health, muscle maintenance, bone strength, gut health, and, of course, general health and wellness. These tend to be the key reasons we drag ourselves to the gym/Pilates class/running track every other day. However, an amazing benefit that is [...]

5 Minutes with Sharnie Cocks

Miss MuscleBox Trainer: Sharnie Cocks Why did you become a personal trainer? Exercise and working out is something that has helped me overcome some hurdles in my life. During these times I decided to put my energy and focus into my own health and it really did change my life for the better. From here [...]

5 Minutes with Marika Day

We Speak to Marika Day About All Things Health & Wellness Hi Marika, So you are a Gut Health and IBS Accredited Practicing Dietitian, Nutritionist & personal trainer - working with brands such as Keep it Cleaner and Jaggad, while also producing quality evidence based articles on your website The first thing I want to [...]