5 Ways to Get Kids to Eat Healthier

Try out these 5 simple tips to get your kids to eat healthier

Telling your children that they must eat something because it is good for them really doesn’t work. Do you remember your parents telling you ‘Eat your greens!’ or ‘You cannot have dessert until you’ve finished all of the brussels sprouts’ Did that ever work in your home? It surely didn’t work with me and my sister!

Now with my daughter, I find it really helps to make it more interesting and depending on their age your creativity will be challenged at all levels! My daughter is the inspiration behind my recent venture, PomPom Paddock. Her love for Cauliflower brought us to where we are today and heavily influenced the first product that we have released which is our signature Gluten Free Cauliflower Flour Mix. 

Here are my tried and tested techniques for getting my daughter to eat healthier.

  • Story telling- Make it fun and get them involved in naming the dishes you’re making. For instance, when making cauliflower rice for my daughter we used to call it rainbow rice, Cauliflowers were ‘Pom Poms’ and broccoli were ‘broccoli trees’. Cauliflower Rainbow Rice can be a colourful dish once you add corn, peas, carrots and broccoli.


  • Talk about the benefits- This will be dependent on your child of course, but I found telling my daughter that a certain food will give them lots of energy so that they can ‘play longer’ and ‘run faster’ helped. I would place a little spinach into her green ‘power’ juice in the mornings alongside other fruit like pineapple, banana and strawberries and she’d love it.
  • Masking- when all else fails, mask it! There are some great ways to do this such as a vegetable packed frittata, cauliflower omelettes, and sweet pumpkin pancakes & waffles. If you want to supercharge it further, then mix with PomPom Paddock Cauliflower Flour Mix. It is taste neutral, an easy wholesome cup for cup plain flour swap out, gluten free and packed full of nutrients. Find it here at


  • Flavour favourites- Your child may like certain flavours or textures, sweet salty, creamy or tomato based. Make a dressing or sauce or even a dip that suits their desired palette and they will be more inclined to eat it. A cheesy cream sauce over ‘broccoli trees’ or chickpea dip with carrots.


  • Get them involved- Getting kids involved in helping make meals or even decorating dishes themselves gives them a sense of accomplishment and makes them more inclined to eat what they’ve made. This can involve decorating healthy pizza toppings to mixing a vegetable filled muffin.


Lorraine founded PomPom Paddock with the mission to create simple, delicious and nutritious, plant-based products that promote health & wellbeing.

They are a family-owned business, and are committed to bringing you wholesome delicious food using simple, fresh and naturally gluten free ingredients.

Web: Pom Pom Paddock

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