The morning routine that will keep cravings away and focus strong

Rejig your morning routine & incorporate these 5 steps

Win the morning, win the day! You’ve all heard that one before right? But how exactly do you do it? How do you win the morning, to WIN the day? A simple morning routine is all you need to not only take control of your day, but also help to stay focused, energized, and keep those cravings at bay.

Here is a five-step ritual that will keep that focus strong, and those cravings away all day long.


  •   Meditate

Do you ever wake up and automatically you’re looking at your emails, thinking about every little thing you need to get done today, without even making it to the bathroom to brush your teeth yet? Let’s just pause right here. Stop. Meditate. Start your morning with a 10-minute mediation to still your mind, process your thoughts, and just be PRESENT. You have an entire day to let your thoughts potentially control your day, rather than you controlling them. Let this be the time that you allow yourself a moment to calm your body, settle the nervous system, and focus on your breathing. It will increase your focus and productivity later in the day!


  •   Before You Speak Coffee

Well…. Point made. Before you even speak, pour yourself a cup of BeforeYouSpeak Coffee. It’s time to charge up. Caffeine has been proven to do many greats things for the body, but this cup of coffee is much more than just a caffeine hit. Loaded with MCT oil, turmeric, black pepper and Siberian ginseng, this blend of coffee has added benefits from anti-inflammatory properties, to increased cognitive function from the MCT oil and ginseng. Also, metabolically stimulating from the black pepper extract. It tastes great and is guaranteed to put a SPRING in your step and stabilise those sugar cravings you have later on.

  • Exercise

Get up and MOVE. We know that exercise produces endorphins in the body that make us feel GOOD. So start now. Get up and move for 30 minutes to get your heart rate up, mobilise the body, and increase your energy for the rest of the day. Moving first thing in the morning has been linked to enhanced focus and productivity throughout the working day. If you want to guarantee yourself the dedicated time to move, there is no better time than like the morning. Don’t let your day run YOU!


  •   Breakfast

It really is the most important fuel of the day. Get this right and you will sustain energy, but also reduce sugar cravings later on. Your breakfast should include low GI carbohydrates, healthy fats, and protein to keep you feeling fuller for longer, and help with muscle recovery from your morning workout.


  •   To-Do List

Get it out of your head, and on to the paper! Having a list of everything you need to tick off for the day from most important, to least urgent is a great way to ensure you get stuff done. How many times have you achieved nothing when you’ve had yourself scattered across 9 different tasks. List them down and cross them off, one by one. This should also include breaks throughout the day to get up and move. A 10-minute stretch, or a walk around the block.

Re jig your morning routine, incorporate these 5 simple steps and start to feel energised and in control all day, every day.

Camilla Bazley

Trainer for Flow Athletic

As a successful coach and athlete, Camilla is one of the most sort after personal trainers in Sydney. Camilla’s love affair with fitness began in a swimming pool when she was 5-years-old, she then spent the next 16 years of her life competing in some of the nation’s most prestigious professional swimming events before becoming a personal trainer. She’s renowned as a mover and shaker in the fitness industry with a client list that spans across Australia,  USA and UK and includes some of Sydney’s biggest celebrities.

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