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How often should you do an Exercise Program to see Results?

How often should you do Pilates? (This question can be applied to any form of exercise. Just replace the word ‘Pilates’ with whatever you prefer.) I don’t think that I am going to provide you with the answer that you want to hear but I challenge you to make it all the way through this [...]

Benefits of a Group Fitness Class

Have you ever walked into a gym and noticed that everyone is on their phones while they work out? Guaranteed - if you walk into a gym, there will be someone on their phone in between sets, someone else on their phone while they exercise and another shooting their workout for Instagram story and then [...]

Why Pilates Should be part of your Self Care Routine

Pilates as part of your self care routine We live in a fast-paced society. From the moment you step out your door to when you recline into bed some 15 or so hours later, we are bombarded with notifications, deadlines, meetings, emails, and concerns. With our on-the-go lifestyles it’s no wonder the stress levels felt [...]

Common Runner Injuries – How to improve your running technique & prevent an injury

3 common runner’s injuries and 3 Pilates exercises you can do to improve your running technique and reduce your risk of injury. Running – you either love it or hate it. It’s pretty common knowledge that running can cause all sorts of injuries. So why do so many of us love it so much? Ask [...]

5 minute arm toning workout you can do from home

Pilates Arm Toning Exercises Gone are the days of Women running a mile from resistance training, afraid that they would ‘bulk up’. Nowadays, it’s cool to be strong, fit and happy! How good is that? Who doesn’t love a good arm toning workout? Resistance training has SO many health benefits for Women including body fat [...]

Back Pain Series Episode 2: How to Engage your Abdominals

Using your Abdominal Muscles to fix back pain This is episode 2 in a 4 part series talking about backpain and ways you can improve on it. In this episode I am going to briefly explain why it is important to know how to engage your abdominals correctly so that they protect your back and [...]

BUBBLE BUTT: How Pilates can help tone your behind

Why Pilates will tone your Behind Ever wondered how the Victoria Secret Angels acquire their phenomenal physique. The secret is simple: Pilates. Just look at Iza Goulet’s Instagram account and you will see countless photos of her on a reformer or Cadillac machine performing another impressive ‘advanced’ Pilates move. Other angels who enjoy a regular [...]