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Building Muscle on a Plant-Based Diet

How to Build Muscle on a Plant-Based Diet If you think building muscle is not possible on a plant-based diet - think again. As I’ll soon explain, the notion that a plant-based diet cannot fit the lifestyle of gym-goer is a big misconception, one that many elite endurance athletes such as Venus Williams, Lewis Hamilton [...]

5 Reasons You’ve Hit A Weight Loss Plateau

5 Reasons You've Hit A Weight Loss Plateau & What You Can Do About It Getting into shape and losing weight is tough, it’s a total commitment of the mind, body (and mouth!) What’s even tougher you ask? Feeling like your fully committed to the weight loss game and still not seeing the number on [...]

The Purpose of Inflammation in Muscle Growth

The Purpose of Inflammation in Muscle Growth You wake up after a tough day at the gym. Your muscles are extremely sore. You might have tweaked your shoulder. The pain isn't awful, but it's enough to be noticeable when you put your shirt on. For a lot of people, the next step is a no-brainer: Head [...]

Fire Up Your Glutes!

4 Glute Activation Exercises You Can Do Before Every Workout! A common complaint I hear from my clients is that they cannot activate their glutes properly, even when they are performing exercises that should be targeting that area! Have you ever done squats, lunges or any other glute focused exercises at the gym, only to [...]

How to do the Perfect Plank

5 Simple Steps to a Good Looking Plank The plank works almost every muscle in your body and is one of the best core strengthening exercises out there (when performed correctly). Unfortunately, a majority of the people I see doing a plank are far more likely to injure themselves before they see any of the [...]