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5 Tips on how to Lose Weight without Exercising

How to Lose Weight without Exercising How to lose weight without exercise? It may sound too good to be true, but it certainly isn't, at all. In fact exercise is only responsible for approximately 20% of weight loss, and sometimes not even that. The bulk of weight loss is due to one thing, our DIET.  This [...]

Why you need Coconut Oil Everyday

Coconut Oil and its Health Benefits for You Although classed as a saturated fat, coconut oil functions differently in your body to other saturated fats, which are know as long-chain fats. Over half of the fats in coconut oil are medium-chain fatty acids – MCFA (also known as MCT Medium chain Triglycerides) which provide a [...]

10 Reasons Why Deep Breathing will Transform your Health

Why Deep Breathing will Transform your Health How is your breath? Can you tell me? Perhaps not. Yet if I asked you about your food and your drink consumption,  you would be able to give me at least a broad answer. We can survive without food for up to 3 weeks, without water for about [...]

4 Exercises to help Improve your Core Strength

4 AB Exercises that you can do to Improve your Core Strength Chances are, yourself or someone you know has injured their back before. It is so much more common than you would think and a lot of people put up with daily back pain that could otherwise be avoided if they were engaging their [...]

5 Foods that help your Body Naturally Detoxify

Detoxing Your Body & 5 Foods that Naturally Assist Detoxing rids the body of toxins stored in fat cells and increases metabolism. It also works by strengthening the body’s immune system function and fights off infection. Toxins can affect our health in many ways. Some can kill the friendly bacteria in our guts, block oxygen from binding to red [...]

How you can Touch your Toes with some Simple Stretches

4 HAMSTRING STRETCHES THAT YOU CAN DO TO REACH YOUR GOAL OF TOUCHING YOUR TOES! I have always struggled with my hamstring flexibility. It has not something that has ever come naturally to me and I always need to work hard to keep them stretched out. Have you ever noticed how some people are just [...]

3 Essential Principals to Create your Perfect Morning Everyday

Create a Positive & Intentional Morning Routine Sometimes it feels like that stubborn fat is not planning to go anywhere anytime soon. It just won't budge no matter how hard you're trying. That was my life for a long time. My goal was to be lean, ideally skinny, but lean was the main aim of [...]

Can’t get out of the house? Here are 2 x Home Workouts for you!

Workouts you can easily do at Home Workout 1 You Will Need Step / Bench / Sturdy Chair A Broomstick / Stick / Barbell for "Good morning" Some "get you in the mood" music Warm up  30 seconds x Star Jumps 30 seconds x Sprinting on the spot CIRCUIT 40 x Front step ups - [...]